I don’t like speaking about myself so I let my clients do all the talking.

I have known Mr. Spiegler professionally for over a decade. During those years, Mr. Spiegler has never ceased to amaze me with his clarity and ability to translate complex concepts into actionable production briefs and abstract ideas into accessible brands.
The work of a Creative Director is not always easy to define. The vision and effort that drives the growth of a brand begins in the mind of one person and this person’s ability to collect material from interviews, market research, business owners, and artistic collaborators and then distill it into a unique picture made of words and images. Mr. Spiegler possesses a unique talent that few in his field can boast in that he is versed in numerous media and conceptually innovative.
Together with Mr. Spiegler I have participated in the development of a wide variety of brand identities, print advertising, corporate communications, television and radio advertising and marketing strategies – always with fantastic results.
The work required the kind of systemic thinking and surgical creativity that only Mr. Spiegler has proved to possess.
Specifically, we’ve engaged Lio repeatedly to devise amazing, creative branding assets, including customer videos, product videos, animation and logos. Lio’s rare talents have helped our brand position itself as a market leader, and support strong sales and revenue growth.
I cannot thank him enough for putting our brand on the map and for all the work, which has made our service a prominent alternative in the crowded market. I can personally attest to the perfection and artistic stamina that Lio brings into his field and, more importantly, his ability to generate results.


Adam Tunikowski, founder and CEO, Juice
Adrienne Leban, Public Interest Communications, Professor of Advertising for Social change, School of Visual Arts
Anthony Paul Smith, Creative Director – Copy Writer, Momentum, NYC
Jonathan Boltax, Sr. Director ITV Services, Transgaming
Max Kalehoff, Vice President – Marketing, Clickable, Inc.
Francine Forrester, Managing Director, Universal Force, Inc. Naam Global, LLC

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