Games channel 96

The brainchild of international casual game empires Transgaming and Visiware, Games channel 96 is the greatest television event for casual game lovers since the invention of, well… games and television. After the success of TetrisTv, I-playTV, and Hunting Trails, I was called in to brand this new place for on-demand gaming. The branding and advertising campaign includes TV spots, video banners, and customer representative packets aiming to enthrall the 30+ million gamers in this market.

The Genographic Project

National Geographic’s The Genographic Project, which was launched in April 2005, sought to chart new knowledge about the migratory history of the human species and answer age-old questions surrounding the genetic diversity of humanity. The nonprofit project lead by distinguished population geneticist Dr. Spencer Wells, in collaboration with IBM, was so successful that NG decided to extend it indefinitely. But the project’s identity, particularly the packaging, had suffered from an antiquated look, a cluttered packaging system, and a dull message that lacked an emotional impact. All this has changed after... Read The Rest →


Exo is the new generation of All Terrain Vehicles. It’s compact, smart, ragged, safe, sexy, and surprisingly electric. It’s the iPhone of ATVs. The identity I created supported this mouth watering brand promise across all corporate materials and has paved the way to web and motion design.

Dog TV

Yes, it’s a crazy idea. But apparently there are millions of households where pups spend long hours alone and, consequently, suffer from a variety of canine conditions. Branding this particular TV channel and helping them secure a long term deal with one of the national carriers presented a fine challenge in terms of striking the right balance between the novelty of the idea and the solid medical background behind it.


Phytel is a fascinating startup in the online medical services. I was asked to take a very complex offering, simplify it, and find an engaging animated language that would explain the various benefits while creating a positive emotional impact. We turned a typically boring presentation into a series of motion and type design nuggets with a positive message for an ailing industry.

55 Thompson

The first car parking in NY City has been transformed into a luxury condominium project in the middle of SoHo. The Brand Identity and supporting collateral featured a stylized throwback to the roaring twenties while offering a new high standard for renters and owners who thought they could have it all.


I-playTV is known for its brand of spinoff games based on famous game shows and other successful franchises. I was called to give this brand a clear voice that will set it apart from the more cartoonish game offerings people typically expect. The ensuing TV ad campaign employed live productions and deliciously self-centered humor to catapult this brand to instant fame.


Flatrate is the leading moving service in the tri-state area. I was working with them on refreshing their brand message and defining some new services. The work included producing collateral, subway ads, and a series of TV spots.

Tetris TV

I was asked to help launch the TV gaming brand dedicated to one thing only, namely, arranging colorful falling geometrical pieces into neat horizontal lines. Tetris®TV is the exclusive licensor of the classic hit Russian game and I created the TV ad campaign, video banners, and customer representative material to help get it into the homes of millions of Dish Customers.

Hunting Trails

Hunting Trails is a success story in that it was a sub-brand of the DishGAMES family that had to live on its own and draw a unique audience – the “couch hunters”. At record time and record small budget we built a beautiful television gaming brand with its unique sense of animal humor and succulent tournament prizes that captured millions before the end of the hunting season.

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