At some point Limiko Films, my production company, decided that chefs are going to be celebrities. It was a time where fashion reigned supreme and the idea that people would be interested in the inner workings of a restaurant or the quirky personality of some chef was totally tasteless to most network executives. Nonetheless, we gathered a formidable team and invested our own money in a half hour production of a half-scripted-half-reality show around an adorable food writer who frequents renowned establishment around Manhattan in search of the stuff that makes chefs and restaurants tick. She was fashionable, the food was mouth watering, and the conversation around the table was not bad at all. We garnished the show with a lot of personalized touches like a fancy animated title sequence, elegantly designed cutaways and on screen informative tid bits. We loved it. The food Network didn’t bite.

Director: Lio Spiegler
Editor: Peddy Pery
Production Company: Limiko Films
Motion Design: Eyal Ohana & Lio Spiegler

Food Network Pilot

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