Fashion icon Lauren Moffatt doesn’t have a flagship store. But she did have a clear vision of the perfect loft space for presenting and selling her meticulously crafted and adorably quirky apparel line. We worked with Lauren to envision and then construct her dream apartment from scratch. The resulting collage reflected all her aesthetics and provided a complete eCommerce environment for moving merchandise around the globe. the site was built from scratch and featured an embedded blog, a collection gallery, a press gallery, ten product lines with dozens of individual products, promotional modules, store locator, and a variety of shipping options connected with an easy to operate back end system to handle multiple shippings, returns, quickbook integration, and scanner-based operations.

Concept & Copy: Lio Spiegler
Apartment Design: Lio Spiegler
Website Design: Miki Melnick
Programming: Juan Sardoy

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